About Brian

Brian was raised in central Texas, in the rural open spaces not far from Austin, but for the last ten years has relished living in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Lisa, where they have poured their lives into the city and the wilderness areas that surround it. Brian’s childhood was filled with time spent outside, not much different than his adult life. It seems some of the things that he holds most dear were forged in the younger years: his love for exploring wild places, his relationship with God, and his passion for people. Although he finds joy in many things, helping others encounter the transformative love of God has become his greatest focus. Brian believes,

“To know God, is to be loved by him; maybe this is the ultimate solution to our problems? All of our troubles seem to stem from having wounded relationships with money, food, people, family, career, identity, ourselves, and most importantly our Creator. Maybe God wants to help us find healing in all of those places and guide us into the deepest understanding and experience of being loved? For me personally, God has always been a disruptive force of love in my life. Why shouldn’t we be the same in the world?”

Brian currently serves as a Chaplain in professional cycling with the ministry of Athletes in Action. He also studies at Dallas Theological Seminary as a candidate for a Masters of Arts in Theology, Christian Leadership. Within these roles Brian wears many hats: managing a professional sport ministry, mentoring and discipling athletes, racing bikes at a professional level, speaking at conferences and other engagements, and many other pastoral tasks.

Brian attempts to practice and teach others to honor the impact and influence each of them have individually; that they have a voice that is powerful and impactful, both in their local community and in their global family.

Every sphere of influence needs Jesus-people to step up and create a culture that is rooted in practicing love, grace, and the truth about who we are and to whom we belong. Whatever influence you have, let God have it. Odds are, he has uniquely equipped you to serve and reach a people that no one else is capable of reaching.”